JO Lamp

Why use JO Lamps?

New European regulations depend a substantial reduction in polluting light emissions, commonly used urban lighting schemes waste much of their light output due to misdirection which not only results in a public nuisance but is also wasteful of power.

JO and LED technology

The LED technology at the heart of JO lamps offers the opportunity to realise urban lighting in a completely new way which is both economic and optically harmonious. Besides the advantages in low power consumption and ultra long life JO lamps are specifically engineered to direct light only where it is wanted thus dramatically reducing spurious light emission, preserving our skies even in densely inhabited areas.

In addition Jo lamps have the ability to modulate their light output in response to varying times or conditions and can be supplied in many shades and colours to suits every application.

JO: perfect integration

The styles used for JO lamps are selected to act in harmony with existing structures thus preserving their existing aesthetics.

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