Prototyping and technical feasibility of the products

The VDGLAB R&D team is able to design products, verify and optimize their functioning and making them innovative. Our team of engineers is able to transform product specifications, defined in the design phase, taking into account the characteristics of the production process used.

The prototyping phase is very important for the design of increasingly innovative products. In this phase the real feasibility of the product, its functional characteristics and economic sustainability are defined in concrete terms.

The development of each product follows a clear process of innovation management of the project: from the first idea to the technical realization, up to the production of samples and the respective production and control systems.

Our R&D team have the necessary tools for the realization of the prototypes, making the processes efficient and innovative.

The VDGLAB staffs counts 3 researcher with know-how in physics, mechanics and electronics, and collaborates with major university research institutes.

We use several software for create and develop products, like:

  • AutoCAD= 2D design
  • REVIT= Modelling of products in the BIM environment
  • PTC CREO= 3D modelling and design
  • DIALUX= Software for professional light design

How new solutions in our company are developed:

  1. CONCEPT: the first step is the creation of a new project;
  2. 3D AND CAD DRAWING: the new concept is designed using a CAD programme;
  3. PROTOTYPE: a first prototype is realized using a 3D printing machine;
  4. PROTOTYPE TEST: if the test results positive, the process of material procurement to get to the final product is started. In case the test is unsuccessful, we search for the error, and then review the project;
  5. PATENT: before filing a new patent application, a preliminary patent search is done in order to exclude that there are already patents on the same subject;
  6. PRODUCTION: production is entirely carried out at our premises; in close contact with our engineering departments;
  7. SALE: the new product is marketed all over the world.