Lights for HEMS - Emergency helipad

VDGLAB supplies the complete range of signalling devices and visual aids for HEMS helipads.

A HEMS helipad is specifically designed to conduct medical emergency operations.

Due to the upcoming Winter Olympic Games - Milan Cortina 2026, with the consequent greater turnout of people, it will be essential to equip as many locations as possible with regulatory heliports and enabled to operate in any condition.

All VDGLAB products comply with and/or certified according to the current international standards ICAO Annex 14 Heliport, EASA CS-HPT-DSN, ENAC Heliport Construction Regulation.

The main signalling devices and visual aids required for HEMS are:
  • TLOF Perimeter Light
  • FATO Perimeter Light
  • Floodlight
  • Heliport lighted windsock
  • Radio decoder-receiver for setting light intensity
In addition, VDGLAB has complementary products such as solar and hybrid systems (solar + wind) of energy storage that can complete the supply making it even more performing and ensuring continuity.